Great Thought -Rabindranath Tagore Dream – Abundance by embracing the Purity of Truth – Where the Words come out from the depth of Truth – Part- IV

Happy Morning 

Magnetize Abundance by being the bridge of integration and not the wall of discrimination. 


Continued from Wednesday …..




· The Highest form of living is to live beyond split.

· The softest pillow to sleep on is a clear conscience. 

· When there is no split between the knower and the doer in you, then everything that comes out of you comes from the depth and purity of truth.

· There may be occasional materialistic losses, but never a spiritual loss.

· You may have a little less of kingdom of God, but you will have all of God. 

· When right or wrong can prevail over pain and pleasure, when conscience can empower instincts , when your actions are not in conflict with your Values , then for the first time in life, you will experience the magic, power, purity and freedom of truth.  

· And there is nothing more potent than truth. 

· Truth will eventually triumph, every single time.


What is honesty-Satyam Vadha


· When there is no gap between what you feel and what you think

· When there is no gap between what you think and what you say

· When there is no gap between what you say and what you do

· When there is no gap between what you do and what you report having been done


Satyamev Jayate !


Magnetize Abundance by Embracing the purity of Truth


Will continue on Monday ……


Wishing you most & more


Have a wonderful day & great weekend




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