Great Thought – Rabindranath Tagore Dream – Abundance being fearless -Part II

Happy Morning

Magnetize Abundance by being fearless .

Continued from Friday  ….

  1. Where the  Knowledge is free
  • Every Human is meant to be a teacher, whether he or she chooses it as a profession or not.
  • Every human has the responsibility to life him/herself and in turn life the world.
  • Every human has his or her share of unique experiences and understanding of life, which, but for him or her , no one else can give to this world.
  • Every human has to play his or her part in lifting the consciousness of this world in his or her own ways.
  • The only purpose of being born before the next generation is to lead the next generation into a better world.
  • Share what you know, Share whatever you know.
  • Each of our lives can be either an example or a warning.
  • Be a living example .
  • Be a  living inspiration.
  • Be a living role model.
  • Let your life be a continuous flow of learning, earning and returning.  Let those who walk into your space become better human beings and individuals.

Magnetize Abundance by being the bridge of integration and not the wall of discrimination.

Will continue on Wednesday …..

Wishing you most & more

Have a great day & wonderful week


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