Great Thought – Rabindranath Tagore Dream – Abundance being bridge of integration and not wall of indiscrimination -Part III

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Continued from Monday  ….



3. Where is World has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls ….


Human has this nasty habit of compartmentalizing in any form is the lowest understanding of life.  We live in a Universe and not Multiverse.  The human god created was not supposed to be divided.  The selfish individuals, who crave to lead large masses of people, created divisions. 


  • True spiritual evolution is to outgrow all forms of discriminations.  
  • True spiritual alignment is in recognizing ” You and I are one and same in spirit”, irrespective of the paths we walk.


One cow is black in color and other is brown, this one is white and another is black and white. Yet the milk from all them is white color. Thus, we are all spiritual relatives.  Right now, this world is divided in the name of religion. Together we can build a united humanity through scientific spirituality. Religion is like land- boundaries and divisions. 


Spirituality is like the sky-infinite, limitless and united. And you have a role to play. Play it by being the bridge of integration


Magnetize Abundance by being the bridge of integration and not the wall of discrimination. 


Will continue on Friday …..


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