Great Thought- Greatness

Happy Morning 

I remember long back in an interview, Prakash Padukone – the badminton champion who won championship titles for seven consecutive years, was asked whether he ever thought at the outset of his career that he would make it so big. He replied , “ I have always loved the sport and that is what keeps me going”- perhaps , one of the finest answers for being great.


You may find thousands of aspirants who want to be the next Rajanikant, Kamalahasan, Sachin , but only a few succeed. The reason is this ; the space on the top of the pyramid is always less; or it so narrow that too many people cannot be accommodated. But, at the same time, it can accommodate any one, though not everyone. What is the eligibility to be in that elite space on the top?


Is it hard work, discipline, dedication, determination, focus, luck etc. and the list goes on… Indeed all these ingredients of success, but none of these can guarantee you that extraordinary space on the top- the ultimate space of greatness. 


Greatness is all about the love to perform without expectations. It is exactly doing something for the sake of fulfilment, rather than for game or glory. You can plan to successful, but not to be great. Success requires your brain to perform to expectations, but greatness requires your heart to perform without expectations. Success is about results, Greatness is about Excellence. 


Be successful and strive towards Greatness . if you believe you can, You will . It is the belief and perseverance that leads to Greatness. 


Wishing you most & more


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